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CQRLOG is a nice log-program for Linux. I have used it ever since I started running WSJT-X. It connects great with WSJT-X and automagically log all QSO in WSJT-X.

There are some features that can be used in a slightly different way than maybe intended. Some of the following tips are not my own. I have simply found them on the net, so don't credit me for some of them! Another way to see the following tips is as a memory list for myself!

Keeping track of worked calls during digital mode tests
By setting the dates for "WB4 chk starts from" for "Call" and "Loc" to the day before the test under settings for WSJT-X on the "fldigi/xsjt interface" and tick "ColorBackCQs" in the WSJT-X map all not worked calls will show up as new. A neat way to avoid dupes!
Nice list of worked calls from test
The easiest way to get a nice listing that I have found is to use the "Export" facility from the "QSO List". Make sure to use a correct filter "F12" so that you extract the right QSO:s. Normally I go for date and the right frequency(ies). You can then export it as a nice list for printing (html) or in the EDI format. The EDi format will in my cases require some tweaking. I have written the a simple python script to convert the output from the CQRLOG EDI output into a suitable format for NAC contests.