My Amateur Radio Software Solutions

Submitted by Thomas Nilsson on Mon, 04/26/2021 - 17:11

I use some very good SW for my Amateur Radio activities. All of them are open source. For some of them I have implemented some specific solutions and or configurations.

Currently I have the following pages that describes my solutions.

Airscout is a program that is used for predicting Airplain reflexions. I am running it in a container which is somewhat specific...
CQRLOG exports contest results in EDI. But unfortunately it is not 100% adjusted for NAC tests.
CQRLOG is a nice log program for Linux.
Fixed devices for CAT control
Connecting your rig for CAT via USB normally create a device name with a number at the end. The number varies, but with this solution you will always have a fixed name.
MMANA-GAL is a antenna simulation program that can be used for designing antennas.
Rigctl and the daemon rigctld  is used by me for making it possible for me to control my rig, an IC-7100, from many applications at more or less the same time.
WSJT-X is the Amateur radio SW I use the most.