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ICOM IC-7100
ICOM IC-7100

After being QRT for many years a was talked in

My antennas
All my antennas
All antennas on a sunny day!

I am using the followin


This is the Amateur Radio SW I use the most.

My Amateur Radio Software Solutions

I use some very good SW for my Amateur Radio activities. All of them are open source. For some of them I have implemented some specific solutions and or configurations.

Currently I have the following pages that describes my solutions.

Fixed devices for CAT control

The problem with the increased number on the /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1... can be handled in the following way which I am using on my Linux Mint 20.3 for my IC-7100. This description is by no way complete, so some Linux knowledge is needed as it requires root / sudo access to be setup:

In the directory /etc/udev/rules.d/ I have a file called 80-ICOM-IC-7100.rules with the following content:

My rig control setup

My setup

Below is a brief description of how I have setup my rig control. Most of it is based on OH1KH excellent description but with a few addons.

Modern Ham-radio, FT8 and other digital modes
WSJT-X and CQRLOG in operation
My 15m antenna


15m and 2m antenna
15 meter antenna

The 15m ant

New 2m and 70cm antennas

Finally my new 2m and 70cm antennas are mounted! I got a great help from Aurelian, SA0CAN, to get them in place. As the weather was very nice, sunny and no wind, it was an easy (well relatively) to get the mast with the antennas in place!

CQRLOG EDI to NAC converter

As mentioned on this page I use the log program CQRLOG for all my logging on Linux. This mean that it is also used for logging the tests I run now and then. Until now I have entered all QSO manually using the  OK2PIN Online EDI generator. This of course work great but as all the info is there already it is a little tedious if you have some QSO:s to enter. It is also error prone.

FT8 dynamic range

"Interesting" short commings

To be updated!

There are some problems that arrise when running a narrow band mode as FT8 with a bandwidth of 50 Hz with a wider filter, like a normal SSB filter, with a bandwidth of 2500 Hz. The exact behaviour depends on the design of your rig. For me it is an IC-7100.

Stratum 0 Reference

Not complete

Running MMANA-GAL in Docker

There is a nice Antenna simulation program named "MMANA-GAL". It exist in a pro, paid, version and a basic version which has some limitations. The basic version is great and is perfectly usable.

The basic program version is available at MMANA-GAL

Below is a description on how I run it on my Linux computer. The description requires quite a lot knowledge of Linux and Docker. Basically only the content of the files are documented below. How to use and run them needs to be known.


CQRLOG is a nice log-program for Linux. I have used it ever since I started running WSJT-X. It connects great with WSJT-X and automagically log all QSO in WSJT-X.


The tinySA is a compact Spectrum Analyser.