IPv6 readyness

Submitted by Thomas Nilsson on

IPv6 Certification Badge for Thomas Nilsson

After some struggle I now have almost all parts of my network accepting IPv6!

Everything is working except that the geo-location causes problem with the streaming we have. The /64 network is geo-located in Sweden but that is not true for all providers. Some "geo-location providers" state that it is in the US. The /48 network is geo-located in the US for all geo-location providers.

The first idea that comes up is to switch down the ipv6 network due to this. But a better compromise is to have incoming IPv6 but no outgoing IPv6 from my clients. This means that all services that were accessible from the outside as ipv4 before the ipv6 conversion are now also available as ipv6. However there is no ipv6 for my clients. The way for a client to get outbound ipv6 connectivity is to set it up with a static ipv6 address from the /48 network. The way this is implemented is by simply have no RA (Router Advertising) on my clients /48 network.

And, no, my ISP, Telia Sweden, does NOT provide native ipv6...