Simple RTK Compass

Submitted by Drupal Master on

I was asked to help with a simple Compass interface for a RTK compass. Here you will find the APK-file for the application. It is currently in revision R1C. It is a joint project between me, Thomas, SM0KBD and Mats, SM0RJV. It is based on "Simple Bluetooth Terminal" by Kai Morich.

Please note that the installation of the APK requires that you make it possible to install apps from "unknown sources".

Bug fixes on Drupal (9 and) 10 to get them to behave...

Submitted by Drupal Master on

Every time I upgrade to the latest Drupal 9 release, currently 9.5.x, the following know but not yet corrected patches must be fixed:

Core: Issue #3270647 (Fixed!)

MIME mail get crippled due to an error when creating the headers. #3270647.

Core: Redirect to https and none www

The .htaccess file must be fixed to define canonical pages (a Google term). Make sure http is redirected to https and that www. is stripped from the main URL.


IPv6 readyness

Submitted by Thomas Nilsson on

IPv6 Certification Badge for Thomas Nilsson

After some struggle I now have almost all parts of my network accepting IPv6!

Everything is working except that the geo-location causes problem with the streaming we have. The /64 network is geo-located in Sweden but that is not true for all providers. Some "geo-location providers" state that it is in the US. The /48 network is geo-located in the US for all geo-location providers.

Fixed devices for CAT control

Submitted by Thomas Nilsson on

The problem with the increased number on the /dev/ttyUSB0, /dev/ttyUSB1... can be handled in the following way which I am using on my Linux Mint 20.3 for my IC-7100. This description is by no way complete, so some Linux knowledge is needed as it requires root / sudo access to be setup:

In the directory /etc/udev/rules.d/ I have a file called 80-ICOM-IC-7100.rules with the following content:

Running MMANA-GAL in Docker

Submitted by Drupal Master on

There is a nice Antenna simulation program named "MMANA-GAL". It exist in a pro, paid, version and a basic version which has some limitations. The basic version is great and is perfectly usable.

The basic program version is available at MMANA-GAL

Below is a description on how I run it on my Linux computer. The description requires quite a lot knowledge of Linux and Docker. Basically only the content of the files are documented below. How to use and run them needs to be known.